Introducing One-Click Password Reset for your Cloud APIM Otoroshi clusters

At Cloud APIM, we continuously strive to enhance our platform's usability and security. Understanding the importance of easy access and control over your managed Otoroshi instances, we are excited to announce a new feature that significantly simplifies password management: the One-Click Password Reset.

Simplify Your Access with One-Click

We recognize that managing passwords can sometimes be challenging, especially when they are lost or forgotten. Traditionally, recovering or resetting the password for your Otoroshi instance could require reaching out to support, a process that, while secure, might delay your work. Not anymore.

The One-Click Password Reset Feature

With our new One-Click Password Reset feature, you gain the power to reset your instance password instantly, directly from your Cloud APIM dashboard. This feature ensures that, even if you forget your password, access to your managed Otoroshi instance is just a click away—no need to log in to the actual instance or contact support.

Security and Privacy First

Cloud APIM does not store your instance passwords after they are displayed during the instance creation phase. This approach prioritizes your security and privacy. With the introduction of the One-Click Password Reset, we maintain this standard while providing you with an effortless way to regain access to your instance.

How It Works

  • Navigate to your Cloud APIM dashboard.

  • Select the Otoroshi instance you wish to reset the password for.

  • Click the "Reset Password" button.

  • Your new password will be generated and displayed securely. Ensure to note it down or store it in a password manager.

Reset with Confidence

This feature is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that you can securely reset your password anytime without any hassle or delay. It's another step towards making our managed Otoroshi instances as user-friendly and secure as possible.

About Cloud APIM

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