Simplifying Data Ownership with One-Click Otoroshi Cluster Backup on Cloud APIM

In our ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and data autonomy, Cloud APIM is proud to unveil a significant addition to our suite of features: the One-Click Otoroshi Cluster Backup. This new feature streamlines the backup and export process of your Otoroshi state, making it more accessible and efficient than ever.

The Essence of One-Click Backup

Traditionally, backing up your Otoroshi cluster required manual login and navigation through the instance to initiate the backup process. With the introduction of our one-click backup feature, we've eliminated the need for these steps. Now, with just a single click from the Cloud APIM dashboard, users can securely backup their entire Otoroshi state.

Key Benefits

  • Simplicity: Eliminate the login and manual backup process, making data protection effortless.

  • Accessibility: Your backup will be stored in cold storage, available for the next seven days, ensuring you have ample time to download or migrate your data.

  • Data Sovereignty: This feature underscores our commitment to data ownership and avoidance of vendor lock-in. You have full control over your data, with the ability to access and export it anytime.

Why This Matters

Data ownership and the flexibility to migrate services without hindrance are critical for businesses striving for operational independence and security. Our one-click Otoroshi cluster backup empowers you with both, wrapped in a user-friendly package.

Getting Started

Activating the one-click backup is straightforward. Head over to your Cloud APIM dashboard, find your Otoroshi instance, and select the backup option. It's that simple—your data backup will be ready and waiting in cold storage for the next week.


Cloud APIM's new One-Click Otoroshi Cluster Backup feature represents our dedication to providing practical, powerful tools that enhance data control and simplify management tasks. Take advantage of this feature today to secure your data and ensure you're always prepared, no matter what comes your way.

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