Cloud APIM introduces managed Wasmo instances: revolutionizing WASM plugins development

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the need for robust, scalable, and efficient API management solutions has never been more critical. Cloud APIM is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to our service offerings: managed Wasmo instances. This new feature marks a significant milestone in simplifying the development and deployment of WebAssembly (WASM) plugins, catering to the sophisticated needs of modern applications.

What is Wasmo?

Wasmo is an innovative open-source project designed to empower developers by simplifying the creation of WASM modules. It serves as an online code editor with capabilities to compile, build, and manage the lifecycle of WASM modules. But Wasmo is more than just a compilation tool; it acts as a binary repository, hosting multiple versions of built WASM modules. These modules can be seamlessly integrated into Otoroshi's plugin system, offering unparalleled flexibility and power to your API management strategies.

The Challenge of Building WASM Modules

Traditionally, constructing WASM modules has been a complex process, requiring specialized environments and intricate setup. The unique requirements for developing, compiling, and deploying these modules posed significant barriers to adoption, limiting their potential use in enhancing API management systems like Otoroshi.

Cloud APIM's managed Wasmo instances: The Solution

Recognizing these challenges, Cloud APIM now offers managed instances that streamline the entire development process. Now, developers can leverage the intuitive Wasmo platform directly through Cloud APIM, benefiting from features such as:

  • An easy-to-use online code editor for writing and editing WASM module code.

  • On-the-fly compilation and building of WASM modules, removing the need for complex local setups.

  • A binary repository system for versioning and distributing WASM modules, ensuring easy integration and deployment.

while never have to worry about updating or managing your instance.

Empowering Otoroshi with WASM

The integration of managed Wasmo instances into Cloud APIM's ecosystem significantly enhances Otoroshi's API management capabilities. Developers can now easily create and deploy custom plugins written as WASM modules, enabling advanced processing, filtering, and transformation of API requests and responses. This opens up new possibilities for customization, security enhancements, and performance optimizations within Otoroshi's reverse proxy and API management platform. Getting started with managed Wasmo instances on Cloud APIM is pretty straightforward. Our platform guides you through the process of creating an instance. Then you can take a look at the latest Etienne's article to see how to use it properly.


The launch of managed Wasmo instances by Cloud APIM represents a significant leap forward in simplifying the development and deployment of WASM modules for API management. By lowering the barriers to entry and offering a powerful, integrated solution, we're excited to see how developers will leverage this technology to innovate and enhance their API strategies. Get started today and unlock the full potential of your APIs with Cloud APIM's managed Wasmo instances.

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