Introducing the Open-Sourced Mailer Plugin for Otoroshi: Email Simplified

Email integration is a critical component for many digital services, from transactional notifications to marketing campaigns. Cloud APIM is excited to announce the open-sourcing of a valuable addition to our suite of tools: the Mailer Plugin for Otoroshi. This plugin simplifies email functionalities by embedding them directly into your Otoroshi environment.

Streamlined Email Capabilities

The Mailer Plugin transforms how you send emails through Otoroshi. By exposing an asynchronous REST API on any Otoroshi route, this plugin allows you to send emails seamlessly. Whether you need to dispatch straightforward text emails, rich HTML content, or messages with attachments, the Mailer Plugin handles it all effortlessly.

Features at a Glance

  • Asynchronous Email API: Integrate email functionalities without impacting the performance of your main application.

  • Flexible SMTP Integration: Connect to any SMTP server of your choice, providing the freedom to use the email service that best fits your needs.

  • Rich Email Content: Support for text, HTML emails, and attachments ensures you can send detailed and engaging emails to your users.

  • Activity Monitoring: Otoroshi events integrated within the plugin allow you to track email activities, ensuring transparency and aiding in troubleshooting.

Open Source and Ready to Use

In line with our commitment to the open-source community and our users’ success, the Mailer Plugin is completely open source. This means you can modify, enhance, and adapt the plugin to meet your specific requirements.

Getting Started

The Mailer Plugin is available now and can be easily integrated into your existing Otoroshi instance. Visit our GitHub page to download the plugin, access detailed installation instructions, and start sending emails in a more integrated, efficient way. The Mailer Plugin is already available on your Cloud APIM managed Otoroshi instances.

About Cloud APIM

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