Open sourcing Dynamic Javascript Modules

our wasm plugin with no compilation step needed for Otoroshi

At Cloud APIM, we're continually pushing the boundaries to simplify and enhance the API management experience for our users. Today, we're excited to announce the open-sourcing of a groundbreaking project that's set to revolutionize the way you create Otoroshi plugins: Dynamic JavaScript Modules.

Goodbye Compilation, Hello JavaScript!

The essence of innovation often lies in simplification. Recognizing the hurdles presented by the compilation process in WASM-based plugin development, we sought an alternative that maintains flexibility without the complexity. Dynamic JavaScript Modules is our solution, eliminating the need for compilation and allowing you to develop Otoroshi plugins directly in JavaScript.

The Power of Dynamic JavaScript Modules

Dynamic JavaScript Modules empower you to write and deploy your plugins with unmatched ease. Whether your JavaScript code is local, served over HTTP/S, or written inline, our new open-source project seamlessly integrates with your workflow. This means you can iterate and deploy your plugins faster, focusing on functionality rather than fretting over the build process.

Key Features:

  • No Compilation Needed: Jump straight into writing your plugins with JavaScript, bypassing the tedious compilation steps.

  • Flexible Code Hosting: Whether your code resides on your server, is available online, or is directly embedded within your project, Dynamic JavaScript Modules adapt to your setup.

  • Open for All: Compatible with any Otoroshi instance, this project extends its benefits to a wide array of users, not just those on Cloud APIM.

Available Now on Cloud APIM

For Cloud APIM users, accessing Dynamic JavaScript Modules is as simple as ever. This innovation is already integrated with your Cloud APIM Otoroshi instances, ready to unlock new potentials in plugin development.

Join the Future of Plugin Development

As we open-source Dynamic JavaScript Modules, we invite developers, innovators, and dreamers to join us in exploring new horizons in API management. This project is not just a testament to our commitment to open-source; it's an invitation to collaborate, innovate, and create more dynamic, efficient, and user-friendly plugins than ever before.


The open-sourcing of Dynamic JavaScript Modules marks a significant milestone in our journey to streamline API management. By enabling JavaScript-based plugin development without the hassle of compilation, we're opening doors to faster innovation and a more inclusive developer experience. Dive into Dynamic JavaScript Modules today and start building the future of API plugins with Cloud APIM.

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